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About us

Southville dancers was founded in the beginning of 2004 by Christian Scerri, where he started to teach hiphop and breakdance classes at the Paul Curmi Studios in Fgura. Southville started with a group 30 members in which they performed shows and took part in several local competitions.After almost 3 years, in the end of 2006 Christian decided to move on to the next step and open a studio of his own,therefore he opened a new studio in Mriehel in which he moved all his lessons there.Shows continued to increase and even the members. By the end of 2007 Southville reached the number of 60 members in which the practised hiphop and breakdance.

In 2008 there was a change in classes and were diveded in hiphop classes for Adults, hiphop classes for Juniors, hiphop classes for kids and Breakdance classes. The crew also started to enter more competitions and in 2008 Nova productions included the first Hiphop battle in the Battle of the Crews. Southville Dancers qualifed first!

Southville dancers JTB 2009

Shows kept coming and increasing every year and so in 2009 Christian decided to take it a step furthur and to go and try our luck abroad and show internationally what we are made of. In March Southville Dancers took part in The International Trofeo JTB Contest in Italy where they qualified in 16th place out of 23 other crews competing. It was an amazing experience in which all the crew gained alot of experience. By the end of 2009 Southville Dancers also took part in the Bay Music Awards where Southville performed an amazing choreography and featered a close friend of the group Dana Mckeon a marvelous beat box artist and so gained more deserved popularity amongst people.

By 2010 Southville dancers has currently reached more than 100 members and we are working hard for the new year in which a lot of prospects are expected.